Primary School in altrincham- Do i appeal?

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Diamante01 Wed 12-Mar-14 21:39:57

Hi Mum's,
I just bought a house in Altrincham particularly because of the schools reputation in the area. I applied to Trafford city council in Jan for an in year application for my boy. That application was withdrawn because I had not completed the paper work for my house move. I chose stamford park, Bollin and Bowden cause they are the schools that surround me. I have also registered in the prep school and they are currently full so just put him on the waiting list.

After paying so much to live in the area, trafford city council has come back to say they only have spaces in broadheath and navigation primary school.A bit distance from my house (WA15). I have checked the schools out on locrating they are good but not outstanding schools.

Do i appeal against the decision?My boy is still schooling in sheffield area
What do I do?

Bekabeech Wed 12-Mar-14 21:53:12

How old is your son?

You might want to repost in Education for better help on Appeals - there are Gurus there who can help.

Diamante01 Wed 12-Mar-14 22:09:21

Thanks so much.
My son is 7 and he is currently in year 2.

I will also paste the post in education

InMySpareTime Sun 16-Mar-14 17:04:46

Tbh, your best bet is to take one of the offered schools for this term or keep going with the Sheffield school if you can hold the house move until summer.
Once your DC is in Y3 the class size limit is lifted so he'll get a place in a more local school. Any appeal you make will probably drag out most of the summer term anyway, you're best saving the stress and waiting for Sept.

itsahen Sun 16-Mar-14 22:49:32

Sounds like you best appealing in y3 and research ways of winning. Those 3 schools you wanted are massively popular. Did the LA advise you at all before the move ?

HaleMumto3 Fri 21-Mar-14 16:29:40

Hi there, I have children at one of the schools you mentioned. They are all massively over-subscribed and there is a waiting list as far as I know for all of the years. Lots of people, like you, move into the area for schooling, particularly to get access / foothold in the area just prior to senior schools.

Having said that, there is a slight shift between Year 2 and Year 3 because some of the local private schools have a 'junior' entry at Year 3. There are likely to be children from the current Year 2 who leave at the end of the summer term to take up a place at a fee paying school at the start of Year 3.

I would therefore accept the place at one of the schools you've been offered and then go on the waiting list at the 3 local schools to see if you're offered a place for Year 3.

itsahen Fri 21-Mar-14 19:09:25

Sounds like sensible advice. Quite a lot of people move from South Manchester into Trafford LEA for free grammar schools

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