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manc82 Sun 26-Jan-14 21:07:32

Hi all,
Looking for some advice. I had a baby a couple of weeks ago. A friend who lived in the town was also due. Sadly her baby was stillborn. I feel so terribly sad about the whole situation and am very unsure about what to do. I sent flowers, texted and got a nice reply. I don't know her well enough to call to her house. I have seen her at baby groups but know she is not ready to see my baby so stayed away apart from a passing, Hello, how are you? I did send her a message after to say it was really lovely to see her there but no reply. Any advice on what to do next? Do you think I should stay away from our toddler group? I plan on going alone with my toddler next week and leaving newborn with hubby so she might be more able to have a short chat- i am not sure what to say.... HELP....

itsahen Mon 27-Jan-14 22:31:30

I can't help but we did have a still born in the family a few years ago and you are not alone in your feelings. I was pregnant at the time. I would seek advice on the support forums for those who have experienced this

arianah2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 14:54:30

I had a stillborn @8mths.For a year nd a half I was a mess.I had counselling but it wasn't working for I gave it up after 3sessions.but In an Asian environment its hard cause pple visit you in@the time of grieving.with questions that r hurtful to write on this net.yeh I couldn't look at any babies for months.but times a great to her when she's ready.avoid going with your baby to visit cause deep inside it hurts.for a women its hard cause we r more emotional than men.times a great healer!after
that experience.I now have 4children so you should never give up hope.

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