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julieleigh66 Sun 06-Oct-13 05:39:36

I'm a mother. I love my son. I want what's best for him. But I have to find the balance between leaving him to live his own life: have fun, take risks, make mistakes; and knowing when it's time to step in, stand up and speak out in fighting for his safety. Now is that time.

The Warehouse Project (WHP) is planning to take over Mayfield Depot in Manchester and turn it into the biggest rave cave in the world by Autumn 2014. My son has just started university in MCR and I'm worried sick over the serious risk this poses to his safety. Furthermore I feel obliged, indeed compelled, to do more than fight for my own son, but help mothers and fathers alike fight for their own children by informing them about things they may be unaware of and what they can do about it.

Disturbingly WHP haven't been overt about their plans, instead opting to veil their intentions behind an application by The Addy Consultancy. It is now known to be fact that it is intact WHP behind the application. That resolved let's detail the concerning problems this poses.

You may have heard about the recent tragedy and hospitalisations that have occurred at WHP this year and all at the evil hands of a lethal new drug epidemic. The problem I have is that this underground rave club is infamous throughout the nation's student population as the go to place for clandestine clubbing. This very club culture was born out of an underground scene specifically curated to allow for partying outside of society's rules and regulations - I'd even go as far as to say that WHP's entire brand is founded on the sub-culture of drug-taking and hard partying.

I'd be a fool to think this kind of problem could be eradicated entirely from every student's life, but I gravely fear that the vast expansion of WHP into Mayfield encourages this dangerous behaviour out of the realms of risky experimentation into the territory of mainstream partying - this petrifies me.

To be fair to the organisers, they invest an enormous amount of effort, time and money into making their event as safe as they can and have responded to the recent tragedy with resounding resolve, pulling out every stop to try their best to stop people falling foul to these devastating drugs. But this level of retaliation draws my attention to that age old idiom, there's no smoke without fire.

WHP are only having to fight so hard, harder than any other club, because it's their very rave, more than anywhere else, that attracts exactly the kind of dangers that need fighting. WHP is currently teetering on the very sharpest of knife edges and that's in a venue with a 5000 capacity, located outside of the city's tempting centre. Imagine the risks involved for our children if WHP were allowed to double their size at Mayfield Depot, providing the largest rave cave in the world right in the city centre and smack bang next to a major train station.

If that wasn't bad enough, there's a wave of new age drugs hurtling straight toward our children. One in which criminal chemists spend their days sneaking one step ahead of the law - tweaking a newly illegal drug to allow it to slip under the fence without a damn care in the world for the associated dangers. There are so many different drugs now, some masquerading as "legal highs", that it's more likely than ever before for young people to get into serious trouble.

Although not new, a nightmarish example of the black market's determination to skulk past the law on their road to immoral money comes in the fatal form of PMA. Due to a crack down on the chemicals required to make MDMA (Ecstasy), devilish dealers have turned to more available substances and the result is the aforementioned and significantly more dangerous drug, PMA.

In the last 10 months this horrific chemical has been connected to 7 deaths in the North West, with a further 4 connected to some derivation of Ecstasy and the latest at WHP to "bad" Ecstasy. This problem needs managing and fast. My firm and insatiable opinion is that WHP's Mayfield will simply bare a breeding ground for this unpredictable, savage and unforgiving gang of drugs.

I'm not suggesting we simply shut down WHP and other clubs like it and be done with the matter. I want my son to make memories with his new friends, but I want them to be good memories and most of all I want him to be here to long enough for them to be memories.

The solution to me is simple, the growth of WHP needs to be curbed with a measure of responsibility, ethics and morality. I'd like to say that they'll do that themselves by u-turning on their decision to move into Mayfield, especially given the laudable stand point they've vehemently adopted in the media recently. However I fear the seductive lure of capitalism may be too tempting for them to resist. That's where we come in, the parents of the students who'll be most at risk if this is allowed to happen. We really can make a difference.

By making a formal objection to Manchester City Councillor's Licensing Committee our voices will be heard, a difference will be made and we can sleep at night knowing we fought for our children when it mattered most.

Please feel free to discuss any and all matters in this thread, I'll be more than happy to answer questions, quell concerns and get into a good old bit of debating.

Please make objections by: 14th OCTOBER 2013

When detailing your objection please consider:
1) Is it going to be a safe environment for staff, customers and the public?
2) Does it add to rather than detract from its environment?
3) Have the organisations behind the application established a dialogue with the local population?

If you feel like find out more, please visit my Facebook page:

leemark2k3 Thu 24-Oct-13 13:39:19

Dear Julie. Your comments regarding the Warehouse Project as the "Drug Death Rave Cave" have to be some of the most idiotic, narrow-minded and quite frankly ill informed views i've ever been unfortunate enough to witness.

You really have no clue do you? As do many people from your generation. You are brought up on a diet of lies and spin reading the Daily Mail and genuinely lack the intelligence to think for yourself and choose to believe it. Alcohol kills over 40'000 people every year in this country but thats ok isn't it. Its a nice taxable drug.

If you actually look at any serious scientific study rather than using the Daily Mail as your source for facts you'd note that an estimated 2'000'000 ecstasy tablets or grams of MDMA(the active ingredient in ecstasy) are taken every single weekend in the UK in this country. The number of deaths per year? 27! Yes you have more chance of choking on your cabbage and dying over a sunday roast.

Another sad truth is that the majority of these are a a result of people drinking too much water and these number could be put down to a minimal amount should the scare-mongering stop and sensible advice be given. I really think there is no awareness on the sheltered people of your generation's behalf that the vast majority of young people have used and enjoyed drugs recreationally and people simply will no longer be indoctrinated and brainwashed with false facts as to what is dangerous and what is note. It is clear that alcohol is a far far more dangerous drug than ecstasy so do not be such a pathetic hypocrite (I assume you drink) on a subject you have absolutely no understanding of.


Russ123 Tue 26-Nov-13 19:31:31

Hi Howards mum grin
I completely disagree with you.

manchesteronion Mon 02-Dec-13 22:09:31

I also completely disagree with HowardsMum

Amiee Wed 04-Dec-13 19:31:09

I also disagree.
I'm sure Howard has been brought up well enough to be trusted not to OD in a 'rave cave'.

maggiethemagpie Fri 03-Jan-14 21:04:37

to the OP, I don't really know what you are suggesting? that we ban a club night on the premise that people may take drugs there? Of course people will take drugs if they want to, stopping one night will not prevent this! so long as the organisers are not involved in the supply of drugs themselves (would have to be pretty stupid if they were) then I have absolutely no problem with the whp operating in Manchester. Just wish I was young enough to go there myself!

KosherBacon Sat 04-Jan-14 14:28:56

Does anybody think that the OP reminds them of that episode of Brass Eye all about the newest drug, cake?

maggiethemagpie Mon 06-Jan-14 20:11:43

I'm not sure what the reference to loving her son at the beginning is all about. Has he taken drugs? Is he supposed to take drugs if this night goes ahead? I'm sure that he either will or won't take drugs, and this night won't stop him if he's going to or make him if he isn't. Lets face it most teenagers/ students experiment, at least with weed and then a few go on to harder things. there's a real danger in being very vehemently anti drugs that you make them want to try it, as a rebellion thing. OP should be aware of that.

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