Anyone in the citycentre/hulme

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hulmemummy Sat 09-Mar-13 20:42:57

Hi smile

I have a few mum friends from when my son was tiny, but now most have gone back to work we've lost touch.

I have an 18month old. We usually go to the play centre in chorlton, swimming or the library on my days off. If anyone fancies joining us, that would be nice smile

Itsfabupnorth Wed 27-Mar-13 13:02:03

I am one of the local editors for the Manchester and Trafford Site, I saw your post, unfortunately I don't have any preschoolers left... all at school now but I wondered whether or not you had looked at the local toddler groups it may be a good place to start to hook up with people on your days off. If you would like to arrange a meet up in your local cafes in Hulme or Chorlton then let me know and I could add it to our group meet ups, you could become our local ambassador for your area.....! Don't worry no work involved just a point of contact for mums looking for meet ups like yourself. If You can also email me on

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