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EMH02 Wed 28-Nov-12 19:02:18

Can anyone recommend any good Mother and toddler groups, where i can sit down have a brew and chat whilst my little one happily plays with toys and other children in the Altrincham/Hale area?
Im fairly new to Altrincham my daughter is 16 months, im a southener and now iv got over the shock of having a child smile i really would like to make some friends.

HaleMumto3 Mon 03-Dec-12 17:36:31

Hi there. I don't really know Altrincham too well, I am in Hale, but there are lots of groups. Do you have a copy of the Raring to Go magazine - you can usually pick up a copy in the library, think they're produced 4 times a year. They have a list of local classes / groups in the back, listed by area and by date.

I would recommend - runs on various days, very friendly - they used to have a waiting list so worth giving them a ring.

We also go to Rhyme Time with Audrey at the United Reform Church on Cecil Road on a Tuesday - my daughter absolutely loves this class - singing etc but all the mums chat for 20 mins or so afterwards over coffee.

I know there are others that friends have been to that they recommend - one on Priory Street in Bowdon, one at Bowdon Church School on a Tuesday morning. Altrincham / Hale is really well catered for with toddler groups so you should be able to find something!


CathyinHale Mon 25-Mar-13 15:00:21

Hello, I can also recommend St Peter's Toddler Group (Cecil Road, Hale). Really friendly! (That's if you are still looking!)

Just popped on here to list their Good As New sale - Saturday 20th April, 10am - 12pm.

Itsfabupnorth Mon 25-Mar-13 16:48:07

Hi there,
yep all the above and also this site mumsnet local manchester and trafford if you follow this link it gives quite alot of toddler groups in different areas of manchester
The childrens centres are also a good place to hook up.

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