Altrincham/Sale area and primary school admissions

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KaW1 Mon 27-Aug-12 00:36:49

Hi all,

I'm new to here so hopefully posted in the right section.

We are looking to move to Altrincham/Sale for school reasons and would appreciate any advice on which areas are good and to avoid.

I am also after some advice on primary school admissions so any clarification would be great. My daughter is 2 now (born July 2010) and we want to time our move to Altrincham/Sale so that she's in Year 1 through the proper admissions process. We also want to delay the move to as late as possible to build up a bigger deposit.

Are all applications made between the official admissions period (e.g. xx Aug 2013 until xx Jan 2014) treated the same or will the earlier the application the higher the priority?

I am confused with Reception and Year 1 applications. I take it that all children accepted for Reception at a school are automatically given a place for Year 1. Does this mean that if we wish to make an application for Year 1 (i.e in Aug 2014), then this will be classed as an In Year Transfer and there may not be places available for Year 1?

I have read that some school nursery classes accept children in the term after their fourth birthday. Does that mean there is no reception and all children have to apply for Year 1 admissions?

In summary, we have to move by end of 2013 but I am also looking whether delaying to the end of 2014 will cause issues.

Many thanks.


ohforfoxsake Mon 27-Aug-12 01:12:31

You can't go far wrong with any of the schools really.

If you apply within the admissions window then all applications are considered and places allocated once that has closed. Apply after and it's considered a 'late application'. If this is the case chances are you'll be slotted into the waiting list in accordance with how far you live from the school.

ohforfoxsake Mon 27-Aug-12 15:02:43

And yes you are right about going into year 1 - there may well be no movement in Reception and so no places. Schools like Springfield & Brooklands are really hard to get into.

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