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LittleVikingChick Tue 28-Aug-12 20:32:16

coansha, I know what you mean with outdoor shopping, I really prefer it too, which is why I´m actually quite happy to avoid big shopping centres like the Trafford.
As we live in Norway we will be getting most of the stuff from here, but I thought it would be nice to maybe get a few nice things that we cannot get over here. Was thinking maybe to go to the Jojo Maman Bebe in Altringham, it looks like they got some nice things.
Also, I was thinking to maybe get a cheap stroller to keep at the in-laws for when we are over, to avoid the hassle of bringing our pram/stroller on the flights and risk getting it ruined. For this I think that supermarkets are the way to go.
Anyway, thanks for good advice :-)

Stevie77 Tue 28-Aug-12 16:31:37

For baby-related equipment (not clothes eyc.), Lesters Nurseryworld in Cheetham Hill is great and pretty reasonable.

coansha Mon 27-Aug-12 22:02:58

Chester itself is lovely, I am from Manchester , worked in bolton and now live in Chester ! The trafford centre is pretty manic and I prefer outdoor shopping , if you know what I mean! But do look at our big supermarkets as great baby stuff, boots too, happy shopping x

LittleVikingChick Mon 27-Aug-12 20:25:45

This Cheshire oaks place really looks great, thanks!
And yes indeed, how dares he, even worse; The Trafford Centre he has told me about, but refuses to take me there ;-)

coansha Mon 27-Aug-12 18:57:18

If you had time Cheshire oaks( outskirts of chester near ellesmere port turn off on motorway) is an outlet ( discount) for lots of stores, they have a list online of all stores. They are opening Huge M& S in 2 days time at the collesium( new part , full price ) , which is in next section to Cheshire oaks.
How dare he not tell you of shopping , opportunities !
Remember you have the Trafford centre too, huge indoor mall, online website .

iklboo Mon 27-Aug-12 17:57:54

The big Asda at Reebok has a fairly big clothes section. I got loads of DS's baby clothes from there.

LittleVikingChick Mon 27-Aug-12 17:44:05

Thank you coansha, I will check these out online, and did not know there were shops at the Rebook stadium as well. Husband is not always too keen to inform me of shopping opportunities :-)

coansha Mon 27-Aug-12 00:29:47

Most supermarket stores, Asda, tesco, sainsburys sell baby stuff and maternity stuff, plus high street stores like next, m & s , Dorothy Perkins so check out range online.
Also TK MAXX is fab for bargains, some designer bits too.
In Bolton you have the city centre stores, it's a small shopping area but ok, or the reebok stadium for big out of town stores.
Manchester city centre is excellent too, some lovely big dept stores, some mega bucks but good sales on.

LittleVikingChick Sun 26-Aug-12 12:42:36

I´m from Norway and live in Norway with my English husband. We are expecting our first baby in February next year and have a bit of baby-shopping to do. This autumn we´re taking a trip to Bolton (to see friends and family) so was thinking to do some shopping in or nearby Manchester.
Need advice on where to get baby-stuff and maternity clothes. Am interested in both big "have-it-all" stores like MotherCare (?) and also smaller non-chain-store shops with more special items and brands.
Thankful for any good advise :-)

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