Any planned Manchester drinks/meet ups?

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flushes Fri 24-Aug-12 02:02:51

Just posted on the main site about my lack of social life and was wondering if there are any planned meet ups soon?

Thanks in anticipation

whyme2 Fri 24-Aug-12 07:33:45

Sorry don't know of any but I do know there are a lot of Manchester m'netters (myself included).

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 24-Aug-12 07:38:16

There was one still in the stages of organisation but it kind of fizzled out. I would love to do one. Would you want with or without dcs?

InMySpareTime Fri 24-Aug-12 08:41:49

I'm up for a meet up, I'm not on FB so a heads up on here would be goodsmile.

flushes Fri 24-Aug-12 21:27:22

Hello again, good to see some interest smile.

TheOneWithTheHair - I don't mind either with kids or not, it would be nice to have a night out with a few drinks and the ability to chat though.

Was there a Facebook group? I think we can organise on here and on that if there is.

When shall we say, late September/ October? Here's hoping it will happen.


choceyes Fri 24-Aug-12 22:23:10

I would love to meet up with some local mumsnetters. I am up for a Sept/Oct meet up with or without kids!

InMySpareTime Sat 25-Aug-12 07:19:50

I think I'd prefer a no DCs meet-up [bad mother emoticon], I had more fun at the evening meet-upgrin.
Sept or Oct Is fine by me.

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 25-Aug-12 07:59:42

I'd prefer no dcs too. Is central Manchester ok? Late September/ early October is great for me too. I'll try and pin dh down on some dates. That's always the difficult bit for me

InMySpareTime Sat 25-Aug-12 09:13:58

I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers the company of adultsgrin.
Central Manchester sounds good, anywhere trammable really.
Obviously somewhere with beer/wine, but what's everyone's position on food?

whyme2 Sat 25-Aug-12 10:02:27

My position on food is to eat it grin but am easy either way. Might be brave enough to come to this meet as I chickened out last time. blush

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 26-Aug-12 08:17:11

whyme2 I've been to two meet ups and everyone was lovely. Not scary at all. grin

Just drinks sounds good to me as I usually can't get out until lateish. Does anyone have any ideas where they want to go?

And this is where we need TSC, but she is no longer here. sad

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 26-Aug-12 08:28:29

I know sad.

Are you going to come along anyway UFP?

Maat Sun 26-Aug-12 08:29:08

Ooh, I'm interested.

I'd have to say without DC though as the DS's are now 17 & 20 years old and I don't think they would be too happy about me bringing them to a MN Meetup grin

Maat Sun 26-Aug-12 08:30:30

I was thinking about TSC.

Does anybody know her in RL? I wondered whether she would still like to come to a meet up.

Or would that be a silly suggestion?

I know her in RL. I'm not sure about another meet-up, I'll mention it to her.

Maat Sun 26-Aug-12 08:33:16

Thanks UFP.

whyme2 Sun 26-Aug-12 15:18:02

I am happy to do just drinks and no DC's and somewhere accessible by tram/train/bus if possible.

flushes Sun 26-Aug-12 15:24:47

Great news, looks like we are up for it without children, in the city centre would be good for me too.

However I'm not sure of the best establishments for drinks where we can hear ourselves talk and sit. Anyone have any ideas?

Where did you go last time?

whyme2 Sun 26-Aug-12 16:04:15

I don't know Manchester centre too well, only lived on out skirts for four years. but would definitely second a "place where we can hear ourselves talk". I really struggle with back ground noise due to hearing loss.

ohforfoxsake Sun 26-Aug-12 16:07:34

WHAAAAA sad TSC would ALWAYS be up for a meet-up <sniff>

<shakes fist at MNHQ>

ohforfoxsake Sun 26-Aug-12 16:09:14

Last one I went to was in a bar in Deansgate. Anyone who hasn't been to one before, do go. Everyone is lovely smile

Went to one before at one of the Chop Houses too. That was good fun <read: I got hammered> grin

InMySpareTime Sun 26-Aug-12 17:34:21

It was Knott bar last time, there was a good choice of drinks, it didn't take a pushy madam like me too long to acquire enough seats and a table, and the music was background enough that we chatted easily. Someone needs to remind us repeatedly when the last tram might leave so there isn't such a mad rushgrin.

ohforfoxsake Sun 26-Aug-12 18:12:50

Was I at that one IMST? Or has there been one since? Always a good night with good people who like a drink IME grin

InMySpareTime Sun 26-Aug-12 19:35:21

I think you were (I'm shocking at names, and there were too many MN and RL names, I lost track). I fetched eleventy million chairs and commandeered a table while some folk went for a smoke.
There was a MSIM one with DCs since.

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