Maternity Hospitals in Manchester

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hermionestranger Mon 20-Aug-12 23:59:59

Stepping hill in Stockport has an excellent vbac clinic. It's also one of the most highly rated maternity units in the country. If you are near the m60 its not too difficult to reach. Had both my DS' there and can't fault them at all.

aiiwaah Mon 20-Aug-12 23:51:13

I had my twins at St Mary's. I chose that hospital as they had all my notes etc from IVF, so it made sense. I also liked the idea of their midwife led centre and the hospital had been recently rebuilt from scratch, so everything was very clean and new. I was induced, but ended up having an EMCS as my babies were stuck.

My experience was mixed - the 48 hours I spent in the delivery unit was great in that I had a dedicated midwife all the time and they truly cared about you in there. (It was the doctors that were a bit iffy!) The post-natal ward was less welcoming, but the midwives and nurses in that section were a bit more stretched. I had a private room, but felt quite abandoned and isolated at times.

All-in-all, it wasn't so bad and when they did get round to us, they did make us feel looked after, but as with all NHS hospitals, everyone is always very busy.

Good luck with everything! :D

Snugglenush Fri 17-Aug-12 09:01:12

Hi all - I am new to this forum but looking for some advice!

We are ttc no# 2 and whilst I am not yet pg I am getting myself a little stressed out about where to give birth. I'll give you a brief back story of no# 1.

Was due to give birth at North Manchester General - had great ante natal care and was very happy. Started contrations a few days befroe due date - they continued regularly for 3 days but i stayed at home but obviously was in regular contact with North Manchester. When the time came to go in ad a rang them. . .they were full so I was turned away. I ended up at Fairfiel General in Bury. On arrival there it was discovered I was still onl 1cm and baby had an irregular heartbeat - within an hour my baby was born by EMCS. I was very happy with how I was looked after at Bury and can't fault them (apart from them being a little slow with painkillers etc. as very understaffed). However - Fairfield is now closed.

I am desperate for a VBAC - and whilst I am not worried about the labour itself, I am very worried about the care I will receive. I obviously want to be monitored closely and you hear so many horror stories about midwives being so understaffed and not noticing things it's just frightened me.

My options are: North Manchester, St. Marys or Oldham. I have heard mixed reviews on all three - although St Marys has a much lower csec rate than the others and has specialised rooms for high risk.

Anyway after all my rambling - does anyone have experience of any of these hospitals? Anybody had a VBAC at any of these hospitals?

Thanks in advance!


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