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frankie76 Sat 11-Aug-12 21:49:48


We moved here from London a few months ago
I have not seen many mixed race families but it is a lovely place to live
My daughter went for an open day at her nursery she starts in sep and I would say there was in a class of 20 - 1 mixed race family, 1 black and one Asian and the rest white

Hope this helps and I would honest recommend the place

HomeSearcher Thu 09-Aug-12 18:52:15

Hi mcbeats, Altrincham was originally in Cheshire. Today it is within the Trafford area of Greater Manchester and is an affluent commuter town, thanks to its transport links. The area has a strong middle class presence, one suspects partly due to the fact the area still has a selective grammar school system. With regard to the ethnic mix of the area, in the 2001 census 0.5% of people living in the area described themselves as Black, compared to 2% in Trafford as a whole. Areas, such as Whalley Range for example, have a much higher proportion of the population that describe themselves as Black or Black British. However, when searching for properties for clients I normally have a full understanding of their needs and requirements, so in this case I don't know if these areas would be suitable for you and your famiy. Hope this helps.

mcbeats Thu 09-Aug-12 12:31:37

Hi we are looking to relocate from London to the Manchester area. We are a mixed race family with my husband from Bermuda. Are any areas more mixed culturally than others for schools etc, what is Altrincham like. Any help and thoughts would be much appreciated.


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