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indiegrrl Mon 30-Jul-12 19:21:56

Hi everyone, we're thinking of moving here from Liverpool. I've read the previous threads on Chorlton, really useful, but wondered if I cd pick residents' brain about three specifics. Firstly, are there any streets people wd particularly recommend/avoid - we're going to be going for a 3 bed house, and we'd like to be within a few mins of the tram stop due to us both needing that for work. We'd like to avoid rat runs and student lets (we currently live in a street with tons of them!). Secondly, DP v keen to move to Manchester (his home town) but wd mean commuting to Liverpool 3 days per week. He can't drive, so it means train, about 2 hrs door to door. We can afford for him to stay in a nice hotel in Liverpool for 1-2 nights per week, but any info from Chorlton people doing a similar commute wd be really appreciated. Thirdly, am I right in thinking there's quite a lot going on locally that might make for a social life? We don't have kids, and I do a weekly commute, so this wd be a home for both of us for 3-4 nights per week in term-time. Outside term-time, though, I work from home full-time so being somewhere I can meet people fairly easily is important - I'm into reading, bookshops, environmentalism, yoga, and Chorlton feels like that kind of place...

peacypops Thu 02-Aug-12 18:37:49

Hi there! Well, I live pretty close to Chorlton (chorlton borders as I like to call it!). Moved here from Liverpool around 6 years ago and actually commuted to Liverpool for the best part of a year! In terms of the commute (and I didn't drive either at the time although do now) it really wasn't too bad. I used to get the train from Oxford road at 7.20pm which would get me into Liverpool around 8.10 (fast train not stopper!) Obviously now there are the trams in Chorlton (and Firswood which is the one we use) which get you into the city centre pretty quickly - and the bus routes from Chorlton are pretty good too. Personally I don't think it's a bad commute and plenty of people do it.
On to Chorlton itself, in terms of roads and areas to avoid, I am not too sure really - I think the area round Nell Lane isn't great and there is a an estate over near the cemetary which probably isn't amazing. I think your best bet would be to wander around the centre of chorlton and generally get a feel for the place. What I would say is that some of the roads are a nightmare for parking so you might want to bear that in mind if you have a car (your partner obviously won't be affected here!). The area around Chorlton green is very popular (and quite expensive - you don't get a lot for your money) but if you are hoping to be very close to the tram then this area would probably be out anyway. In answer to your final question - yes, there is lots going on in Chorlton and it sounds like it would be your kind of area! There are some good little cafes, bars, restaurants, a couple of really good yoga centres (Yoga-rooms very good). Lovely fishmonger, brilliant Unicorn cooperative grocery - oh and Beech rd on by Chorlton green has some lovely shops too. I imagine it would be really easy to get involved with environmental stuff, Arts stuff etc - there are always lots of flyers around for groups, events etc.
Anyway, hope that has helped a bit. If you have any more questions just ask.. or if you see any houses and want an opinion on location etc then let me know and I'll try and help. Good luck!

BeehavingBaby Fri 10-Aug-12 22:43:20

Chorlton is lovely but very expensive. The areas of Chorlton where you can walk to Stretford tram from are good value, eg. Ryebank Rd, Cromwell Rd (the latter not really Chorlton). You can also hop on a bus to pick up the trainline to Liverpool at Humphry Park or Urmston (although these may be slower 'stopping' services). How important are schools? That will have to guide location a lot as most are very oversubscribed.

Quotationist Fri 10-Aug-12 23:00:50

It really depends on your budget.

You'll end up paying quite a lot for renting right in the centre of Chorlton (anywhere around the Cross / Four Banks intersection of Wilbraham Road & Barlow Moor Road), leading down to Chorlton Green. But living around there in a smaller rented flat was amazing when we were childless. You have access to all the bars, shops and restaurants. Ahhh, happy days!

I've also lived more Whalley Range side, which was great as it was on the bus route and walkable distance to all the cool stuff above mentioned. It often doesn't work out cheaper, but you're more likely to find a house in this area.

I agree with peachypops that Nell Lane isn't so great. However the area around the cemetery isn't that bad, and it's a mix of social housing and privately owned 3 beds with gardens. Just don't look at anything above Merseybank Road. But again, it's for families, and it's miles away from the cool stuff!

Good luck grin

OriginalRogue Fri 31-Aug-12 17:51:43

The tram goes as far as St Werburghs and there are some lovely houses between Corkland Road and Sandy Lane - I grew up there. My mum now lives a little further out, near the Cricket Club. There's a fantastic deli round the corner, a petrol station, GP's surgery and the tram less than 5 mins away.

Chorltonville is a lot more expensive but its a quieter area

indiegrrl Sat 01-Sep-12 17:38:21

Thanks so much everyone! Apologies, we have been away so only just picking up your very, very useful messages now. We have seen a couple of places on the streets between Corkland and the tram line (Totnes, Sidbury, Devonshire). We really like those streets and they are within budget. Any tips about them/that particular area of Chorlton really useful. We're not bothered about schools, as long as the kids can get to one that isn't religious or private that'll do us, and we do like the fact that this seems a 'family' area of Chorlton and not full of 'young professional' renters. Seems like 3 bedroom places there are much cheaper than 4 bed - presume that's because there's a premium on the few 4 bedrooms around?

HillyandHally Sat 01-Sep-12 17:52:54

Anyone of those streets would be great in fact I'm very envy! There are loads of bars just around there which are nice as well. As long as you stick to the that sort of side you can't really go wrong.

I'd agree to avoid Nell lane area (although I did go to school there and it's not so bad!) and also around southern cemetary, Darley Ave onwards. It's also a bit further out from the centre whereas where you have looked is much closer to everything. There is a good mix in Chorlton, lots of families but there are also a lot of big houses which are shared rentals.

Have a look around Oswald road and near Longford Park - very popular and some lovely houses. I also would suggest having a look at Whalley Range/Chorlton borders - the houses tend to be bigger and a lot more families. Anything around Brantingham road area.

Good luck!

indiegrrl Tue 04-Sep-12 17:09:22

Thanks HillyandHally, that's really reassuring.

OriginalRogue Thu 06-Sep-12 12:24:12

Chorlton High School is walk able from Sandy Lane way. There's also good bus links further in if you choose to send then to a high school a bit further away.

I went to Chorlton Park as an infant but then to a private school in Fallowfield after that.

Agree with HillyandHally. Wouldn't want to live anywhere near Nell Lane or the cemetery. Those houses are cheaper for a reason. Also worth checking which postcodes are better for car insurance too smile

ZenNudist Thu 06-Sep-12 12:35:56

How about urmston or flixton? Instead of chorlton. 10min -15 min drive from chorlton and not on tram route but good bus service (255) into town. Not as much going on but still has couple of coffee shops (inc a costa if you need business like place). I suggest it because it's on a train line between Manchester & Liverpool city centre. Would be very convenient for your hubby, it only takes an hour into lime st. He could commute daily that way. You'd get more for your money and the area is nice.

ZenNudist Thu 06-Sep-12 12:43:37

I recommend around corkland/Torbay rd or around brundretts, groby, Napier rds or head up Oswald rd behind barbakan deli and as you move further away from the main rd is some nicer quiet streets not too far from st werberghs rd. the edge of Whalley range is ok ('north' chorlton wink ) if you're going to look up near stretford tram then youre well out of chorlton anyway so I really would also consider just looking further up near some of the train stops: Trafford park, humphrey park ( don't live too near as areas bit hmm ) then further onto urmston flixton.

peacypops Thu 06-Sep-12 18:11:14

Some quite nice roads in Firswood (walkable to Chorlton (10 mins) but not chorlton postcode) Ryebank rd very nice and good schools nearby - St Hildas/St Teresas. Firswood tram-stop is on the Chorlton line so really handy for town. You definitely get more for your money over the Chorlton borders and the schools are good.

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