Manchester MNers needed to try a new pregnancy test - must be no more than 8 weeks pregnant and able to attend event on 30/31 July - Generous cash incentive for attending!

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Jul-12 16:50:04

One of the pregnancy test manufacturers (sorry, we can't tell you which one) has asked us to find MNers to try out a new pregnancy test at a trial event they're holding in central Manchester on Mon 30th and Tues 31st July (i.e. this Mon and Tues coming!)

You will need to go along for half an hour during one of the days (Mon 30th or Tues 31st) and POAS (in complete privacy obviously!), as well as providing a urine sample in a pot for a healthcare professional to also do the pregnancy test on. The purpose is to see whether you both get the same results (i.e. whether it's easy for testers to use correctly or not).

As we're sure you can understand with a testing event like this, there are lots of strict criteria for who can take part. We're looking for MNers who are:

~ Aged 18-45 years
~ Pregnant by no more than 8 weeks up to and including Tuesday 31st July
~ Able to spare half an hour to attend an event in a central Manchester location on Mon 30th or Tues 31st July, between 9am and 8pm
~ Willing to take a pregnancy test themselves (POAS) but also supply urine in a pot for a healthcare professional to conduct a second test on. This will all be conducted in complete privacy.
~ Willing to sign a confidentiality agreement on arrival (the product you'll be testing hasn't been launched yet so Mum's the word!)
~ Happy for MNHQ to pass over your name, email, and mobile phone details as well as how many weeks pregnant you are, to the company organising the event.

If you fit the bill, then please do sign up here. We will then pass on your details to the company organising the event and they'll be in touch with you to arrange a half hour slot for you to attend that's convenient for you. When they contact you, they'll be very discrete about what they're calling/emailing about.

Everyone who goes along and takes part will receive a generous cash incentive (more details will be provided on this when you're contacted by the company organising the event). It's fine to bring along other people with you if you need to, including DCs.

If this isn't for you but you know someone who meets all of the criteria above (or you think they might), then please forward them the link to this thread. They don't have to be a regular MNer to take part.

Any queries, please contact or post them here and we'll try to answer them if we can.


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