Advice re Manchester hotels please

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fireice Wed 18-Jul-12 18:34:21

I have to go to a meeting at the Renaissance hotel, and will need to stay overnight, but ideally not at the prices that they charge. I'm aware that the Renaissance is really close to the travelodge, but I would ideally like to stay somewhere in between the Renaissance and the Travelodge pricewise. I have tried searching on the usual websites, but am having trouble finding anything as I dont know Manchester and don't have a feel for what is within a reasonable walking distance or not? Any advice gratefully received smile

aiiwaah Tue 21-Aug-12 00:03:35

Hi, hope this helps:
2 minutes away from the Renaissance in Cathedral Gardens, you have the Premier Inn (Manchester City Centre / Printworks) [need to be clear on this as there are 4 Premier Inns in Manchester!!].
A little bit further down, on the other side of the Arena, there is the Park Inn.
About the same distance but on the other side of the Printworks, you have City Stop apartments, then a bit beyond that by Shudehill bus station, there is the Crowne Plaza and the Holiday Inn Express next door to that.

All of these are within 5 minutes walk from the Renaissance.

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