Moving with Beeb relocation to Salford quays... Anyone else?

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topsmart Sun 05-Dec-10 08:41:50

Okay, here goes, I am initiating my first proper thread.

DP's job is moving from london to salford quays next year. We finally have a move date of march 2011 (after signing up in sept 2010...) So it's all suddenly real and I have to shift our lives and get a nursery then school for DD who turns 5 next academic yr.

MN has proved invaluable for my manc research on areas to look at, so I wanted to thank anyone who's given anyone else advice on here as I have poached it all!

Now I'm wondering who else might be moving up as I'm sure some of you must be - or already have done. And I need heartwarming tales of how easy it has been to settle in. Or how much you need a new friend to go for a large glass of wine with! <blushes at own forwardness>

topsmart Thu 12-May-11 23:01:23

iskra, how're you getting on with your stretford house?

Still loving Manchester. The mummies up here are a marvellous bunch! what would I have done without mumsnet and all of your contributions? <sniff>

Jessicafirsttimer Sun 11-Dec-11 15:47:21

Hi, this thread is quite old so I don't know if anyone will reply DH works for the beeb and has been asked to relocate to Salford in January. So we've had a month's notice! We're both from Berkshire and have no idea where to live or anything! We have a son who is 10mths and I will be giving up my job to relocate sad We want to live somewhere not too metropolitan, we currently live on a farm in the sticks! I like Lymm but was worried about commute times for DH and Worsley looked quite villagey. We drove through Sale/Altrincham but it seemed so built up and burby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have hardly any time eek!

topsmart Tue 13-Dec-11 10:34:25

Hello jessicafirstimer! I've sent you a private message with some info. I know the thought of moving is scary, but it's fab up here and there's loads of beeb families who've moved and can offer support x
Ps I'm in the city so afraid I can't help with rural advice! Am sure others will be along to do so...

philbee Sat 21-Jan-12 20:48:56

Hello. I'd also like to join and welcome any advice. DH works for the Beeb here in London but is looking at applying for Salford jobs. Have one DD, 3, who's due to start reception this Sep. I've been looking at the old thread and houses online today and feeling a bit flummoxed.

How do you all who've moved like it? Have you been able to find work yourselves? Atm I work part time and would have to give that up but would like to find something there after a while.

We are thinking of doing a quick two day visit soon, as I've never really been there (just passed through to meetings etc.). We'd like to have a look at a couple of possible areas to live in but I'm not sure where to start.

Budget is probably about £200,000, and we'd like 3 bedrooms and a garden, happy to fix somewhere up. We'd like good primary and secondary schools, easy commute to Salford by public transport, somewhere friendly, with parks and that feels like a place, with some shops, cafes and things for me and DD to do, and good general public transport links. And other families with young kids. Argh! Is it possible? Any advice very welcome. Thanks.

Stevie77 Mon 23-Jan-12 16:48:24

Hi philbee,

With your budget you'll get more for your money in the Urmston area, it's quite a short commute to MediaCity, traffic not too bad during rush hours and the schools are good (Trafford Borough). Postcode for RightMove is M41.

For a public transport commute to MediaCity you'll need somewhere on the Metrolink network (check here, so Chorlton or Altrincham/Sale both of which are good but property-wise more expensive. You could also consider north Manchester but I don't know that area quite as well.

Good luck!

topsmart Mon 23-Jan-12 18:18:45

Hi philbee, I'm the OP of this thread and I can wholeheartedly say we're really happy here in Manchester. Been here 10 months since DP's job relocated to the quays and we feel really settled. And I'd say the vast majority of relocators that I've met would say the same. I'd echo the areas already suggested, plus old Trafford. But of course its best to do as you plan - to visit and walk around to get the feel of a place.

Do PM me if you want more of a chat, and there's plenty of us who meet for coffee/playdates - happy to meet up if you visit. Also there's a private Facebook group devoted to movers, search for BBC relocation partners. Loads of members who are v helpful. Good luck!

brandrethmupp Tue 24-Jan-12 15:14:08

I'd recommend Monton near Worsley/Swinton. It's an easy commute, has a high street, nice primary school and 3 prep schools, near to woods, golf courses and canal. The advantage for us living here is not having the crawl in to work from South Manchester/Cheshire bu close to motorway network for days out to Lake District, Forest of Bowland, Formby etc.

philbee Tue 24-Jan-12 15:36:26

Great, thank you. Urmston looks really nice, and within our idea of a budget. I'll check out Monton too. Ww don't have a car at the moment and probably wouldn't have one for a while, so need somewhere that doesn't rely on that. DH bikes in to work at the moment, and it looks close enough to do that from Urmston, plus there's a train there, isn't there? But maybe well check out Urmston and Chorlton for now - presumably the latter is a bit more urbanish? I read on the other thread that the secondary schools weren't as good there though.

Did any of your rent out our house/flat in London to begin with? How did that work and are rents in Manchester cheaper than here? We are thinking that might be an option so we'd have an exit strategy if necessary. And did those of you who wanted to work up there find jobs? Any websites or tips for job hunting for me would be very useful, as I currently work part time and would want to continue to do that.

brandrethmupp Tue 24-Jan-12 15:47:20

Urmston is nice and Urmston Grammar is meant to be a lovely school.
It's easy to get to Salford Quays from Monton. It's a 5/10 min bike ride to Eccles tram and just a few stops to work. Christopher Eccleston lives here and I see him about on his bike!!
We go to Chorlton if we want a fix of that sort of thing (there's a really good vegan supermarket!)I'd find it a bit intense to live there though.

Stevie77 Tue 24-Jan-12 16:39:47

There is a train from Urmston but it goes to the city centre (or towards Liverpool, in the other direction), although I guess you could take it to the Trafford Park stop then cycle from there which might reduce your journey time/make it easier. You'll have to check it out though, I drive to the city centre and know nothing about cycling!

I also think you do (or will, eventually) need a car in Manchester. Public transport here is nothing like as good as London's, even the trams suffer a lot of problems (last week or week before there were lots of delays) and they don't cover most places. They are also not cheap!

Re Worsley - some lovely areas there but most very lovely places are very very expensive and some border not so lovely areas. The traffic in that area is a nightmare, motorway grinds to a halt from at least junction 11 (Eccles) to 13 (Swinton) every damn day and has knock-on effects on surrounding areas. Something to bear in mind.

I guess we each like the area we live in and would do anything to make it sound the best smile

Regarding work, it really depends what you do and is probably not much different to any other big city in the UK at the moment.

RillaBlythe Tue 24-Jan-12 20:05:16

We moved up from London to Stretford, & really like it here. Stretford itself is a bit serviceable if you know what I mean, but there are some good houses for good prices, great community feel in the bit we are in at least.

We don't have a car of our own, we have a car share instead, & don't really miss it during the week - DP bikes to work, we get the tram to town/bus or bike to Chorlton. We would miss not having access to a car at weekends though as one of the nice things about Manchester as opposed to London is being able to get out of the city so easily.

philbee Wed 25-Jan-12 06:02:02

A car share would be great - that's what we have here and we really like it. Sometimes we also just rent a car for the weekend to go somewhere. Is you car share through a company, and do you mind me asking which one, please?

We plan to visit in a few weeks time and have a look at the centre, and then probably Chorlton and Urmston, just to get an idea. If we get to looking seriously we'll look at lots more areas, but I think two is all we can manage in a weekend! I don't know if I'm hoping to like it or not really. There seems to be so much that would need doing before we could move, not least to this house to make it saleable. One step at a time though, I guess.

Can I ask one more question, about schools? How have you found it getting places for your DCs? Here the LA publish a list of catchment distances from the previous year but I couldn't find that on the Trafford website.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 27-Feb-12 21:28:35

This still going? Hope you found the FB group. A few of us are going to the MN Local Mancester meet up on Thursday if you can make it smile

guineapiglet Sun 15-Apr-12 12:22:26

Dear All
Just to say to those looking in Manchester/Salford area, if you aren't keen on city life, try looking slightly further afield. We are in a wonderful village/town just at the edge of the Peak District, good schools, local shops, walking, outdoor activities. When my husband got his job in Manchester we wanted to live more rurally. Its about a 45-55 minute commute to Mcr direct from here and we get the best of all worlds, a big city on the doorstep and wonderful community locally. Do know of someone who has a wonderful house for sale here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie2029 Thu 07-Feb-13 21:15:08

Hi guys, just wondering if this thread is still open??? if so i currently live in Urmston, and have friends in the BBC so know there is a lot of employees moving up here closer to Media City, We are looking to rent out our house semi three bedroom, unfurnished, large garden, perfect for family, long term tenancy available, nearly decorated, if anyone is interested. Urmston is probably one of the closest areas to Media City that is family orientated without going into undesirable areas of Manchester. Its semi rural, our road is 500 yrds from a very sought after primary school, 15mins walk from Trafford Centre and about 8 mins drive to Media City or 30 mins on the bus so if your interested get in touch and I can send you photos, house is available from 1st May 2013 Thanks

jewishprincess Sun 28-Apr-13 22:39:52

Hi,wondering if this thread is still open? I've just relocated to Chorlton from Barnet,for the El Dorado that is hopefully Media City &,two weeks in,am feeling a little adrift. Topsmart,you mentioned that there is a group formed of similar Londoners,do you still convene? I had twins 6 weeks ago (no,we don't do things by halves!) which could quite possibly be contributing to my current state but I'd really like to hear from anyone else currently in the same situation,or from those who have settled, to put my mind at rest and offer some advice/places to go/groups to join and to stop me running to the hills (or North Downs,to be more accurate!)

thismum Wed 29-May-13 14:08:00

jewishprincess hope you are feeling more settled. Moving & twins, wow! PM me if you like, I moved up here 2 years ago (not with the Beeb), I can put you in touch with the relocators group though.

JulieTwo Wed 10-Jun-15 13:34:40

I know this thread has been lying dormant for a while but as an about to move to Salford/Manchester from London mum, I thought it worth a try. Would be great to know what people think several years on ... I am originally from between Manchester and Liverpool but have lived in London for 26 years now and are about to relocate as DD starts a new sixth form teaching job [not Beeb] in late August and I have just a few weeks to find a Y4 and Y8 school place. We're moving to Salford - near Salford Hospital ... would appreciate any tips for life and schools in that area if anyone knows anything! Thanks all!

itsahen Wed 10-Jun-15 18:41:47

Which area of Salford? There are lovely areas and some not

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 14-Jun-15 20:26:37

Are you moving to Monton? It's nice and quite up and coming.

doris2015 Mon 07-Sep-15 02:25:08

I may move to live in Sale M33 (north side of Manchester Road) soon.
I have kids at 8 and 10. Does the school shortage of place in that area?
Thank you!

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