just moved to luton, does anyone want to play i have no friends here!

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Trolleydolly71 Mon 07-Jan-08 23:34:07

Message withdrawn

Harlequeen Thu 15-Nov-07 15:38:02

Hi hun, I'm in bushmead too I have a 12 week old daughter. If you fancy a chat or whatever let me know . My email addy is harlequinqueen@hotmail.co.uk love jaz xxx

laureny Fri 28-Sep-07 19:59:20

hello hello, i have just moved into my boyfriends house and i would love to make some friends in this area. my kiddies are 18mts and 9 yrs old and we live in the bushmead area. i love to have a giggle hope there are some girlies on here who wouldnt mind including me in there gang


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