Strawberry-picking farms around Liverpool

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noodle6 Sat 10-Jul-10 17:01:53

Which ones are good for little children (3 year old daughter and nearly 2 year old son)? I mean, easily accessible crops for all ages and heights which are not too far for them to walk to.

I Googled one which is Sandhill Farm but not sure how it's like. I tried calling their number but its only a recorded message...

Any advice/info appreciated!

mazzystartled Tue 13-Jul-10 21:27:16

Kenyon Hall nr Warrington is good. Proper Fruit Farm, coffe van, farm shop, climbing frame and haybales for jumping about on.

Church Farm organics on the wirral is lovely but v commercialised - tractor rides etc so comes at a premium

tigercametotea Wed 04-Jan-12 18:40:11

Sorry I forgot to return to post my experiences. We went to Kenyon Hall as mazzy recommended. It was brilliant. Oh and we bought some raspberry plants to take home to plant in our garden too. We have since been to Kenyon Hall twice to pick berries.

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