Motor bike racing today Aintree 18/7/15 ?? Been any??? your fella been

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clio51 Sat 18-Jul-15 19:35:49


Need some local info on above subject
My fella says he's been today! He's not come back with program(always does) and I can't find any info saying it's been on today. So suspicious is setting in!!! Long story.

So ladies I need your help before I confront him I need to have my facts correct(don't wanna look stupid)
I don't live Liverpool so thought you ladies (well husband/DP) might of been or know .
So start asking your motor bike friends who go to meeting at Aintree please

StoneElephant Sat 18-Jul-15 19:41:57

According to this there's been some sort of fun fair/kite festival on today at Aintree

You may want to post in relationships for more traffic if you have suspicions and would like advice.

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