Where can I find decent second-hand baby & kid's clothes in North Liverpool?

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Cornish2009 Mon 16-Mar-15 16:11:35

Where can I find decent second-hand baby & kid's clothes in North Liverpool?

rocketleaf Mon 16-Mar-15 16:31:21

Hi Cornish, not sure what part of North Liverpool you are in but there are a few decent charity shops in Crosby, particularly the village and College Rd. They are worth a scout. There used to be a cracking Bernados in Formby but I think it might have closed (useful, sorry)

Also there is a fab Nearly New Sale twice a year run by the NCT in The Old Christchurch in Waterloo, the next one is this weekend. It's massive and also has loads of toys, books, prams etc. Anything baby/child related really. Hang on I'll see if I can find a link.

rocketleaf Mon 16-Mar-15 16:34:33

Here you go. Defo worth a look. I have sold at it for the last few years and it's really good. Not a table sale like most of them so it's a bit easier to find the things you want as all the clothes are organised by size etc. Hope this helps.


kinetic Mon 16-Mar-15 16:34:48

I second that, and Waterloo's got a few ok charity shops too, on South Road and St John's Road.

There's a Marksies Clearance Shop in Bootle Strand that does a few nice kids clothes, they always have some bits on the clearance rail too for much cheapness.

cheekibeki Thu 02-Apr-15 16:39:15

Hi, if you can get to South Liverpool there is a baby and children's market being held at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy on 16th May at 10:30am. www.facebook.com/cheekimonkeysliverpoolsouth

Diane1508 Fri 14-Aug-15 22:07:32

Hi im a local community event organiser i have an event coming up on Sun 23rd Aug at Waterloo Community centre 1pm-3pm.Our events are for people to buy/sell preloved baby & childrens clothes toys books etc we also have craft & buisness stalls.

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