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ssd Sun 23-Nov-14 12:54:02

on Jan 1! I've got the 3 men in my family Liverpool tickets for the new years game but I haven't got myself one as they are too dear!!! So I'm going to be kicking about myself whilst they're at Anfield. We're travelling down from Glasgow, so nowhere is local to me. Can anyone advise if there is anywhere nearby I can go to pass the time, even a local big asda or tesco, somewhere I can sit and have a coffee without feeling like a total billy no mates. Shops would be even better, a shopping centre would be great. Obviously I haven't a clue of the local area so dont want to go far from the stadium as I'll need to collect them after the game and the traffic will be murder..

any thoughts welcome! the game kicks off at 3 so I'll be alone from about half 2 to 5ish.

ot maybe there will be a cafe within Anfield open?


holeinmyheart Mon 24-Nov-14 02:13:46

On match days the streets around Anfield are bedlam. Besides which you wouldn't want to shop around Anfield it is a poor rundown area. You will find cafés and pubs there. If you are coming by train you can stay in the centre and go to Liverpool One where all the shops are. There is a market and loads of shops. Anfield isn't far from the centre at all. It is just getting there on match days. They will be extremely lucky to be able to park nearby. They will have to park streets away and walk. If you can imagine thousands of people streaming towards Anfield Stadium. It is cars and people every where.
You might be better off being dropped in the centre and then they can come back for you after the match. A landmark to meet up at would be The Adelphi Hotel by the railway station.
There is loads to keep you occupied. There is a Museum, an Art Gallery both with Cafés. The docks has museums, shops, cafés etc.
Go on google and google a map. You need to get to Liverpool really early.

holeinmyheart Mon 24-Nov-14 02:38:51

Sorry I did not read your post properly. You are driving. You can get all the information you need from AnfieldStadium guide or LiverpoolFC. Com I think your main problem is going to be parking.
It will go quiet once everyone is inside. I think I would head for the centre of Liverpool on a bus. I think it is the 17 will take you there and back.
It is two miles into Liverpool from Anfield. I think you should look for a street about half a mile away from the ground and towards the centre of Liverpool and the men walk to the ground and you take a taxi to the centre of Liverpool and then back to your car. Then men could then meet you back at the car. If you all had mobiles and maps you should be OK.
Best of luck. Alternatively I could meet you and show you whats what. ... Just kiddin Queen.

ssd Mon 24-Nov-14 07:56:21

thanks so much for replying! I started another thread about this y'day and got some good idea's too, probably the same thing as you are suggesting! what I'm going to do is let them take a taxi to the game and I'll stay at the hotel then the next day we'll all go into Liverpool to see l1 and the docks

looking forward to it!

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