lonely sahm is looking for friends to have a social life with

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biglips Sun 09-Nov-14 17:55:06

I turned 40 yesterday and I realised that I would love to have a handful of friends to meet up in north liverpool area (I'm in Seaforth). I'm into keep fit, cooking, music, pubbing and clubbing...... I can meet up with the kids too...they are age between 2 - 10. Also, ive got a stepdaughter age 15 who lives with her mum.... Also, I'm married too.

I really need to have a social life as it literally nill. it gets me down when I see other people having fun in their lives and I'm not.

I do drive.

Please drop a line and say hello smile

honeypie10 Fri 13-Feb-15 12:43:36


Only just seen this and not sure if you will check back as it was a few months ago you wrote that, But im pretty much feeling the same way, Lost touch with most friends from school as they all moved away/ got married/ had nothing in common other than school etc

I have a few friends but no-one id feel I could text if something funny just happened if that makes sense. I just text my dp all the time and im pretty sure he must be bored! I have a 2 year old ds, he turns 3 in June too.

Ive just started getting back to the gym since having him, Only thing stopping me was childcare but hes now at nursery, Id love to start going up to formby though in the summer for walks through the beach/ squirrel forrest and Im always open to the idea of wine!

Anyway Ive probably bored you enough by now! smile hope to hear from you soon!

biglips Sun 01-Mar-15 09:27:47

hiya honeypie

thanks for replying to me. Yeh sounds like youre in the same boat as me atm.

i love the gym...mainly the classes i go for....need to get back into it but atm im decorating my house as that is a project for me this year.

my ds will be 3 in june as well. i totally love this age, but also i love watching them growing up too.

we go to the squirrel reserve all the time....the squirrels are starting to breed now...as it was empty for a few years but its somewhere for the kids to rrrruuuuuuuuuuunnn!! lol

Well im gonna take the kids to crazytown as not been out for ages.

Where about are you? and how old are you too?

take care and spk soon x

kittykatz01 Tue 21-Apr-15 20:00:55

Hi ladies,

I have just joined mumsnet , and i am in the same situation as the both of you. I am a SAHM of 2 children aged 15 and 10. I look after my 2 nieces who are aged 7 and 3 in the school holidays.

Would like to meet local mums who can have a chat to, days out with the kids and even the odd glass of wine with.

If you fancy a chat or to meet up let me know


TexMexEssex Thu 23-Apr-15 16:10:50

We're hoping to relocate to Liverpool later this year and I thought it's never too early to see who hangs out where!

ScouseYank Sun 14-Jun-15 09:41:24

I know it's been a while since anyone has posted- but I live in Seaforth as well and looking to make a few friends. I am a SAHM and I've currently found out I'm pregnant. My 3 kids range from 3-12.

Would love to arrange coffee dates and meet up with kids.

niki34 Thu 02-Jul-15 10:04:57

If you ladies are planning a meet up this summer count me in i have 3 kids ranging from 4-16 & i am 4 months pregnant (surprise) baby so i am looking for someone who would like to go to baby classes or just afternoons out with the kids x

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