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gswati Sun 02-Nov-14 18:11:36

Hello parents

I am a mum of 8 yrs old daughter and we are looking to send her in a private school. we have heard about Clarleton house, Merchant Taylor but the fees is astronomical and we cannot afford it.

Some one told me about CFS / Auckland college/ Streatham Arts school

By the looks of it, these schools are not expensive so i was wondering if anyone has had any info about these schools

Any help will be appreciated.



mrspdursley Thu 04-Dec-14 19:47:39

Streatham is an all girls small school based in a couple of old houses. The head used to be head of a local state primary school and was (when she was there an outstanding school) both myself and Ofsted agree on that! Mrs rigby (the head) an ex local councillor Mrs Jonestook over when it looked like the school might close. I know a couple of people whose daughter go there having followed Mrs Rigby from Valewood and they are very happy. Small classes and specialist teachers seem to be good. Very much focused on performing arts. Lots of dance drama singing etc. If you wanted to look around I'm sure Mrs Rigby would impress you she was a fab head

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