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KingKaren Mon 14-Jul-14 19:54:32

Hi - I was sent an email from a friend the other day telling me to look at this widget(?!!). I didn't know this, but from time to time I do use Amazon to buy things and actually needed to buy a set of bluetooth headphones for my eldest daughter who was going to, (and has just come back today) from her very first festival Nass in Somerset. Is all explained on the page on the link below, but Amazon apparently don't show the cheapest items or biggest discount items when you search on their site, something to do with the companies who store their stock with Amazon and use their distribution warehouses getting moved to the top of listings. But! If you use this page and widgie to search for things on Amazon:

Amazing Discount Finder It finds you the biggest discounted products and it mostly puts them top!

So, when I tried looking for Bluetooth headphones I selected 75%+ off (ever the optimist!) and to my amazement up popped a pair which were discounted from £89.99 to just £19.99!! I then thought, wait a minute... if i check on Amazon now in the normal way will I see the same? I did, and I didn't. Up top came a cheaper pair discounted from £32 to £17. So I not only got a better quality headphone, but was able to tell my daughter that they were worth £90! two happy bunnies. I've saved this in my favourites now and will use every time I go to Amazon. I think it's very clever. How do they do these things? confused

Hollieboyd93 Thu 30-Oct-14 20:17:53

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