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blueskiesblue Fri 14-Mar-14 19:21:24

Hi all. Please can anyone give me some advice on areas, as we're relocating to the North West in the next year. What is Ainsdale like to live in? I know Southport but only as an occasional visitor. I need to know if it's a nice area. The schools look quite good round there, but I've only seen that on Ofsted reports etc. and you can't always go by them! I've seen a house in The Brookdale, Ainsdale. It's in Woodvale which I've heard mixed opinions on. Can anyone enlighten me please? smile

headlesslambrini Mon 17-Mar-14 18:21:54

Hi, there are no high schools now in Ainsdale but several good primary ones. For high schools you will need to look at either Range High or Formby High both based in Formby, very good schools but are both over-subscribed. There isn't much in Ainsdale to do compared with Formby - they have the village, swimming pool, pinewoods, football club, cricket club, park with better kids area etc.

We used to live in Woodvale for 8 years and never had any problems, only a little bit away from Brookdale. That part of Ainsdale is probably one of the more rougher areas but certainly not the roughest. and definitely not inner city rough IYKWIM. PM me if you want any more information - I don't tend to visit the local site very often.

blueskiesblue Tue 18-Mar-14 10:23:56

Hi headlesslambrini, thanks for the info. We are in the sticks at the moment and used to having to travel a bit for activities, so that wouldn't bother us. I read an article online that said Brookdale had a few problems with teenagers hanging around drinking and causing trouble etc. and it put me off a bit. Only one thing for it, will have to drive up for a recce!

kinetic Wed 19-Mar-14 23:57:22

Hello blueskiesblue, there's a really excellent young people's centre in Woodvale, they do lots of interesting outdoors stuff, reasonable subs too.

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