Liverpool meetup, Sunday 26th May, 5 - 9 pm, TriBeCa, Berry Street Liverpool

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kinetic Tue 21-May-13 23:16:28

A big hiya to anyone out there. It's a bit slow for traffic round here, and I find the interface a bit confusing, so I thought I'd post here as well as on the Meet-ups page that there is a meetup arranged for Sunday 26th May, 5 - 9 pm, TriBeCa, Berry Street Liverpool. There's a Facebook page too for it, if you'd like to eyeball some of them who's coming - I'm not on it, haven't overcome my digital footprint fear just yet!

5 - 7 for the coffee and kids shift, 7 - 9 for wine time smile There's 35 people who have expressed an interest on the main MN board, and I'll be there for deffo, so come, do!

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