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spannerchops30 Sat 16-Jun-12 17:35:38

Hi, Wondered if anyone was interested in a 'Jamie at home' party to take place at their home with their friends? There are freebies in it for the host depending on how much friends spend. The products are priced from £6 to £60 but obviously you just buy what you can afford or nothing at all if you dont want! The catalogue has some really nice and useful stuff in and you are able to select free (yes free!) gifts and they really are good things not like a spoon or something crap like that smile Anyone interested give me an email. I am based on the wirral but will travel to Liverpool and Chester way if needed. I am also going to start body shop parties too. Yes I am saving pennies. My current job doesnt pay enough to enable me to save money! As Im sure most people on here know. smile


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