school application rejection even though sibling in school

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alanpalin Tue 24-Apr-12 22:59:51

Can anyone offer and advice please, my son has been in St Anthony's for 2 years and we where expecting my daughter to automatically get entry as well, this September.

But the archdiocese has decided to send her to a different school in the opposite direction, and the same has happened to 5 other siblings in the school..

apart from appealing, is there another proven action for us all as a group.

rufusnine Wed 25-Apr-12 22:31:06

If all the children were ranked according to the correct admission criteria in the admission policy then the school can only accept their PAN (planned admission number) in the 1st instance. This happened in my school for 4 lots of siblings - they appealed and got in - obviously parents can't be in 2 places at once and i suppose if they weren't admitted the parents would remove their older child and send them to the other school.

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