Wirral secondary schools

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catherinea1971 Wed 16-May-12 18:07:26

I can without doubt recommend Weatherhead High School in Wallasey, it's an all girls school and has been just amazing for my daughter.
The staff go out of their way for the girls. My daughter is just finishing year 11 and is expected to get A's for all of her GCSE's.
I had relocated to Wirral from North Liverpool just as my DD was due to start secondary and didn't have a clue where to send her, but the choice worked out so well. smile

Mosman Sat 05-May-12 17:39:10

Neston high school not nesting

Mosman Sat 05-May-12 17:38:46

Nesting is the only non grammar I would consider for a boy, for girls pensby high school is really good and nearby is dawpool primary which isn't bad either

Babilla Sat 21-Apr-12 09:05:02

I am relocating to Wirral with my 3 daughters - 2 in primary schools and one moving to secondary school. I am hoping for a grammar school if she passes 11+ but would like to keep my options open.

Can anybody recommend good secondary schools in Wirral that are not grammar schools?

Many thanks

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