Goverment funded nurseries in L25 area

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bellybump77 Mon 09-Jan-12 21:39:40

Hi scouse mums!
I just wondered if any mum from south Liverpool could recommend a good place to try and put my 2 year old son into when he goes into the free 15 hrs a week nursery? Ive got his name on the Kingsthorne school nursery but now im reading/hearing bad things about it I suppose im just panicking. He's really clever and already knows his alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, phoenics and I want a nursery that will encourage further growth.
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

lalalahahaha Thu 19-Jan-12 00:14:57

Hello. Do you mean the one at hunts cross children's centre? I thought that was supposed to be really good and have heard it recommended.

Otherwise, what about st James's in Woolton? That seems nice.

I only have direct experience of a private day nursery - Woolton village in mount street - which is good. I don't think they would do much in tgd way of phonics etc tho cos most kids aren't at that level yet!

Good luck

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