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cbd Sat 11-Apr-09 10:19:14

A new group has started in Lincoln for mums with Post-Natal Depression, its run by mums who have been through it themselves, I go myself, we have tea/coffee and a chat in general and you get to meet other mums with PND. (We don't talk about anyone's medical background or their PND) and the children all play together. It would be good if we could get other mums involved as PND is a subject no-one talks about and those who suffer from the illness feel they can't talk about it without been judged. At this new group we will be able to talk without been judged and are hoping we can advitise it throught forums like this, radio and newspapers. Hope you can join us. If you have children and are suffering with depression you can come along and meet up with us.
Its at Sure Start Central, 1pm-3pm every 2 weeks. next one will be on Wednesday 22nd April 2009

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