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laura0007 Thu 17-Apr-08 16:36:58

Hi everyone, im Laura im 21 and live in Lincoln. I have no children but am NVQ3 qualified in childcare. I currently work in a lincs day nursery but am looking for a nanny job in Lincoln.....if anyone knows of any i would be grateful.

mummytoevie Fri 21-Dec-07 13:45:46

Hello everyone.

I am fairly new to mumsnet - been posting on ivillage mums board since my little girl was born, so have lots of virtual mummy friends, but v few real life mummy friends. Would love to meet some in my local area!

I live in Lincoln just near North Hykeham and have actually lived in Lincoln since I was 15 (am now 35) - in this house for the last 6 years. I have a little girl Evie who will be 2 on 30 December! Hoping to try for another baby in new year.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Merry Christmas.

Much love

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