Moving to a village just outside spalding

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Pinkylou23 Mon 22-Jun-15 16:41:37

Hi, I'm a mum of 2 boys (11 and 6) and we will be moving to a small village outside of spalding in 3 weeks time! Bricking it a bit as we know nobody and we are townies! Arghhh nervous. Can anyone suggest ways of "fitting in" to a village (I don't want to come across as over friendly full on etc but don't want to seem as unsocial) anyone wanna chat and meet for coffee etc once we get up there! Please Thanks x

romomum Wed 08-Jul-15 06:18:35

Hiya Pinky, how has the move gone? we are moving up to Lincs in a few weeks just outside of Boston a bit further up from spalding, i'm nervous don't know any fok up there either!! Im a mum to 3 children 18,9, 11 months!! if you want to chat pm me!! x

SortofStamfordMum Thu 09-Jul-15 19:11:36

Hi - I moved to the area last November and whilst I know some school and Cubs Mums, I still haven't really met anyone to phone up to have a coffee with.

Good luck with the move, ladies - I am a mum to a boy aged 8 and a 17 year old teenage girl (good for babysitting).

Re OP's first message - just be yourself! And remember, things are a bit slower in the country. I moved from London to Yorkshire and it took a while to realise that things really are not that fast paced outside of the smoke.

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