Moving to Boston area??

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IsaJess Wed 27-Feb-13 10:48:35


I'm hoping that there's someone out there who can help/advise me...

There is a good chance that we might be relocating to the Boston area at the end of the year.
We're from the south-west and don't know the area AT ALL.

Please, please, please could someone tell me what it's like to live in the area....
Is there much to do with young children? (DD1 will be 6 in April, DD2 is just 14months)
What are the schools like?
Are there many clubs etc for young children to join?
Will it be easy/difficult for us to build a new life/social life?

I work part-time as a teacher, but if we move I'll become a SAHM.

It is a massive decision, and we need to make sure it will be the right one.

IsaJess Wed 27-Feb-13 10:50:57

Sorry - it posted before I was ready!!

I'd be really grateful for any info on the area - good places/villages to move to, places to avoid etc.

Hopefully make some future friends along the way!

Thanks smile

Fannychanel Fri 29-Mar-13 19:24:00


I live in a village about 10 miles from Boston . Long Sutton, don't know much

About centre of Boston shops ect, has the highest Portuguese population
Outside London. My son goes to music college there (loves it) as for the fens very flat lovely sun sets, Some villages can be quite cut of , little or poor assess
To public transport. Need to drive! Spalding is a nice town. Good secondary schools high and grammar (bit off a way of for you) long Sutton is a pleasant
Village, montisory Nursery good primary school cubs/brownies. My DC much
Older now youngest DD3 15. Norfolk not far some good beaches, Sandringham
( Royal estate ) appox 16 miles, nice woods to walk in. House prices are quite low , peterbrough train station 40 mins and your in London . Hope I've been of some help . Best of luck

Samsnewbump Mon 17-Jun-13 18:37:41

I live between Boston and Spalding, there are sure start centres which offer a variety of things to do I have a 2 yo and 3 month old and can do something nearly every day. It's not to far to travel to the beach or go to Sandringham, I tend to shop in Spalding or kings Lynn. The bigger villages are Sutterton and swineshead to the South of Boston or stickney/sibsey to the North

Rachela88 Thu 09-Oct-14 15:34:40

Hi I've lived in boston Around 6 years,I have a 2 year old,there's plenty of clubs such as baby ballet,dancing lessons,there's plenty of is a nice place to live with plenty of friendly people and good schools and nurseries.if you want know more or to chat pleas get in contact,I also find home start a great source of help and and advice,they also run play groups

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