New Facebook group for Grantham

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EwerbyNewbie Mon 10-Dec-12 17:34:10

Hi, just typed in the title, but the Group appears to be locked. I'm a complete novice on Facebook, so may not understand the correct way to do things. DO I need to do anything else or will I be invited to join???? I'm moving to Ewerby in 2 weeks and would love to meet up with some other mums as won't know anyone.

leelteloo Thu 19-Apr-12 10:29:24

Hi all Grantham parents, I live in a village outside of Grantham and some mummy friends of mine have set up a Facebook group for local mums. Please feel free to join group if you live in Grantham area; should be a good way of making new friends and finding out what's going on locally.
Type Grantham yummy mummies into search on Facebook and you should find it.

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