South Lincs primary schools

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welliesandpyjamas Wed 04-Apr-12 15:57:23

We'll be moving to the Boston area in the summer (probably living somewhere outside town, rural-ish if possible) and was wondering if anyone had any tips about the availability of primary school places?? We're moving from somewhere which is very oversubscribed and we're hoping it won't be as bad in South Lincs! Are there villages/towns that are worse than others? We'll be looking for a year 5 place and a nursery place. I called the council but they don't keep a list of available places, we'd have to apply for up to three schools once we have an address. Trouble is, we'd rather not choose a nice place to live and then find out there are no school places nearby! Catch 22!

kilmuir Sat 08-Sep-12 23:04:22

we have moved back to south Lincs and were told which schools had places at that time. found the schools helpful

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