A New Parenting Group in Lincoln

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wlapmama Thu 01-Sep-11 23:09:10

Hi all,

I moved to Lincoln just recently and have been looking for some sort of baby-led/child-led/natural parenting/attachment parenting (or whatever you want to call it) group to join. But have had no luck!

So I have decided to start my own. If any of you are looking for friendship, fun and support with like-minded parents in or near the Lincoln area join my new group and come along. www.meetup.com/lapgroup/

My background: I have a 2 year old son and am pregnant with number 2. This is not the first parenting group I've set up, I also set one up in West London (where I used to live). In the space of a year I had 120 members and 5 subgroups all over different parts of London. We met every week sometimes more than once and used to have monthly day trips to museums, zoos and gardens etc. I teamed up with Slingmeet and did a babywearing themed meet once a month and every meet had a different theme (such as co-sleeping, breastfeeding, favourite parenting books etc...)

I would love to make this one as much of a success, I have been told by many members what a support and inspiration they found the group to be for them. I hope that some of you might be interested!

Love Emily and William xx

PS. It is totally free, this is not about making money, but about bringing like-minded parents together.

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