I'm a BAD Tsarina....

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Sallyre Sat 05-Sep-09 09:42:36

I have been totally neglecting my duties and I totally apologise. My 2yr old DS morphed into a psycho and has taken all my attention and energy recently....

It's really nice to see so many new posts on the board - it's buzzing!

I'll reintroduce myself - I'm Sally, 38, live in Catford. I have 2 little boys - Oscar is 5 and Toby is 2 and a half. Oz goes to Torridon Infants and Toby is starting preschool at the Limelight in a couple of weeks (can't wait!). DH works at the National Maritime Museum and I'm a jobbing actor who also teaches preschool music. That's me in a para!

Would anyone like to do a meet up? I'll start a new thread with suggestions/ideas - would be nice to do one with kids and one without perhaps!

Anyway - I'm going to try and organise myself better and come to the Local pages at least twice a week....

Sorry!!!! And nice to see you all...


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