KFH, Acorn, Pedder Wates, or Robert Stanford

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frisbyrat Thu 30-Jul-09 12:10:14

Hi all; am reposting this here in the hope of finding some advice...

If anyone's in SE London, and recognises the above names, please can you recommend an agent? Tales of good or bad experiences with any of them (I need to sell fairly quickly) would be invaluable...

lara27 Thu 30-Jul-09 18:41:58

Only one I've had any experience with (and that was as a buyer) is KFH (the Brockley office) although they seemed ok initially our purchase fell through mainly because of a failure of communication between the seller/KFH/us. I actually ended up speaking directly to the seller and it seemed that KFH had been telling them something different to what KFH told us and KFH had told the seller that we had withdrawn our offer (which we hadn't and had made that clear to them!). So either the seller wasn't telling me the truth or KFH weren't... oh and the property was overvalued as well (just as well the purchase fell through grin). Having said that KFH have just sold a flat on our street (in Brockley) within a couple of weeks of it going on the market (and it was nothing special) so who knows!

lara27 Thu 30-Jul-09 18:43:30

Oh and although you didn't mention them we ended up buying through King Sturge and they seemed fine and helped us hurry the seller along when he was playing up. Again only the buyers perspective though!

frisbyrat Thu 30-Jul-09 20:14:14

Thanks lara! We've gone with KFH (full of trepidation now!), but asked them to market at a more sensible price, so we'll see. Only a 4 week contract anyhow, so if they cock up we'll move on to Acorn, I think.
Cheers for the input though (albeit designed to give me nightmares grin)

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