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Botbot Wed 06-May-09 09:09:50

Hello everyone. I've been trying to book a venue for my dd's 3rd birthday party in July and all the local community centres are booked up. Does anyone have any ideas for alternative venues for children's parties around the Catford/Sydenham/Forest Hill/Beckenham/Downham side of Bromley areas? Budget is not huge.

Am tempted to just have a barbecue in the garden like I've done for the past two years, but it poured down all day last year so I don't want to run that risk again!

Raindog Wed 06-May-09 09:29:09

We've been to parties around this area. TJs gym at Crystal Palace is good but not sure how expensive it is. Have you tried church halls? St Saviour's on Brockley Rise in Forest Hill has a large hall you can hire.

Personally I'd go with the bbq idea and have Plan B (a dvd - even better if you can borrow a projector and make it like a cinema with popcorn etc)

elle23 Wed 13-May-09 11:53:32

have you tried Rascal's in Bellingham Leisure Centre? wouldn't be my first choice but LOs absolutely love it there and it really tires them out grin

charlotteko Sat 23-May-09 12:44:36

why not use the community hall at Lammas Green, Sydenham (this is where the nursery is in the mornings).
I go there this after noon. it is nice, with garden,... and good value.
good luck.

MotherofInvention Sun 07-Jun-09 08:50:42

Rascals is a good suggestion. Lochaber community hall in Lee is £60 for 4 hours I think - pretty good value. Also try Kingswood Halls in Blackheath - they have a big hall and an annexe. And the secret garden in Greenwich park, but not sure how much that is.

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