Anyone due end October near Forest Hill?

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davidbent Sun 10-Jun-07 21:46:48

Hi, My name's David. My wife and I are expecting our first baby at the end of October. Are there any other people on Mums Net in the same situation?


David & Jo

alicj Thu 12-Jul-07 14:51:20

hi David
I am due on Oct 17 but with my second! so same date, different sitch. Hope your wife is felling well.. give me a shout if any advice might be useful! ali

Honeur Thu 11-Oct-07 10:15:49

Hi , there I'm a skilled Practitioner who has just started a Msc in the Paycho-dynamics of human development. As part of the course I am expected to do infant observations and observe mother and baby. This is a subject I'm extremely passionate about and therefore, currently looking for a generous mother who is due to give birth in Nov/Dec and who would so kindly share an hour a week being observed for the next two yrs at home. I must highlight how much of a wonderful experience this shall be to watch mother and baby grow for all.

*Please be aware that full credentials shall be provided by the Birbeck University and that a CRB clearance is also submitted. *

JT100 Fri 15-Feb-08 15:08:27


I just wanted to introduce myself as I am the NCT rep for Forest Hill. Sorry for the late reply but I've only just discovered this thread!

There's loads going on in Forest Hill for new parents. Forest Hill NCT organises coffee mornings for new parents, open houses, events, nights out etc. If you would like more information about the NCT in Forest Hill and a list of local activities for babies, please email me on

We'd love to hear from you !

Best wishes

GasandHotAir Tue 03-Nov-09 14:50:57

How about this...?

Gas and Hot Air is an hour long, daytime comedy sketch show about pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood. Performed by new mums Helen Rutter and Natasha Joseph and written over breastfeeding, sleepless nights and copious amounts of weight watchers cake. Babies under 1 are welcomed with open arms as long as they can't move much and don't mind a bit of fruity language.

Where? The Hob, 7 Devonshire Road, Forest Hill, SE23 (opp Forest Hill station)

When? Every Thursday at 2pm from 29th Oct - 26th Nov

How Much? £6

Contact: 020 8855 0496


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