Bromley High receives Exceptional ISI rating!

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LocalEditorBromley Sun 05-Jun-16 22:19:41

Congratulations to our friends over at Bromley High, who have very recently received a fantastic report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate - see the details below.

Bromley High wins rare ISI Accolade: Achievement and Learning are Exceptional


In an outstanding report in March 2016, ISI inspectors found that pupils' achievement and learning in both the Junior and Senior School were 'Exceptional' - in all other categories, where Excellent is the highest grade, the school's provision was judged to be uniformly Excellent. Praise was heaped on the school's 'excellent results' and 'excellent teaching.... Skilfully delivered, promoting challenge and enabling pupils to progress rapidly.' The school's 'distinctive curriculum' 'provides all pupils with the opportunity to fully develop their individual interests and talents' and is commended for the opportunities offered for 'creative enquiry... Intellectual curiosity and independent study.' The wealth and quality of extra-curricular activities is rightly recognised as 'a strength of the school.'

The school is particularly proud of the description of 'the extremely high level of personal development' of its pupils: girls display a 'love of learning and strive for excellence'; 'they are mature, articulate, confident.....courteous, tolerant, kind and appreciative.... displaying a modest attitude despite their evident success.'

Pastoral care received particular praise, with 'high quality pastoral teams' committed to providing 'the right care for each individual.' 'A strong sense of mutual respect permeates the school and relationships between staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves are excellent.' 'Pupils speak highly of their teachers, recognising their professionalism, dedication and expertise.'

We welcome you to read the ISI report in full here. Please join us for our next Open Day on Saturday October 1st 2016. Register online here or contact Mrs Lisa Clarke, Admissions Registrar, at

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