Two rabbits needing a new home in SE London

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SSofSE13 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:17:51

We have had our two male rabbits, Bailey and Malachi, since about April but I don't think we are really giving them the home they deserve. I had hoped to sort out my garden so that they could have an outdoor run but I haven't managed to, so they spend most of their time indoors in their cage, and do not get handled enough or sufficient stimulation. I would like to find them a better home where they will be played with and have the space to hop about and explore.

They are probably about a year old. Bailey is mainly white with sort of tabby ears. Malachi is all black and probably dwarf or dwarf cross. They have been vaccinated, microchipped and were recently neutered and had their claws clipped. They have a two-storey indoor cage and various toys and accessories that can be rehomed with them.

They are sweet but a bit nervous, having been insufficiently handled. They aren't vicious and should be fine in a home with children along as there is adult supervision while they are building trust. They love yummy bunny treats and Malachi also enjoys fresh food such as offcuts of carrots and lettuce, although Bailey is a bit of a salad dodger. If you have a lawn with dandelions then Malachi in particular will make an excellent gardener.

Above all else I want them to have a better life than their current ho-hum existence, and I don't want to put them on Gumtree for some unscrupulous person who just wants to eat them and then sell the cage.

If you, or someone you know, could be the right family for Bailey and Malachi then please let me know. I would prefer someone local so the bunnies don't have too far to travel to their new home.


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