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WorriedLookingForHocus Fri 24-Jul-15 11:05:54

Long time lurker on Mumsnet.

Our cat has been missing for the past two weeks, in this time my family (including me) went on holiday. Had our cat (Hocus) not been missing he would have been put into kennels for the duration of our time abroad.

We arrived home today and at the airport we received a phone call from a local GP surgery telling us some of the staff there had seen our cat and would keep and eye on him until we got home (roughly 1.5 hours later).

However before we could get a home a young-ish woman walked into the surgery and said it was her cat and took him home. The staff tried to stop her to confirm she was the owner but she had already left (we assume by car).

So, if you know of anyone who has acquired a Bengal cat in the last few days (the woman said she had him for three days) then PLEASE call the police and report it as well as PM me on this forum. Hocus is microchipped, is young and is very friendly. We had been so worried about him and were overjoyed when we got the call to say he had been found, to have got home and found him stolen was heartbreaking. PLEASE HELP.

MrsHooolie Tue 28-Jul-15 07:58:37

How awful OP!
What area of Lewisham?

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