Catford - Culverley Green Conservation Area

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sooperdi Sun 27-Jan-13 11:47:12


We are thinking of moving to Catford - the Culverley Green Conservation Area in particular as there are some lovely spacious houses ... My OH is not very keen on the area thou sad Is anyone here who lives there/nearby and can let me know if the area is safe for a young family? Are there any soft/play groups for kids... what are the option when it comes to daily activities etc...

I realise it is a bit dry when it comes to cafes/pubs etc but my main focus is space as our current place is shrinking as we speak ;)
Currently we live in SE4 and are already priced out of the area! It is insane how house prices went up here since the Overground extension.

Anyway - all tips, pros & cons would be much appreciated.


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