Save Lewisham Hospital A&E and maternity unit

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SSofSE13 Mon 26-Nov-12 18:39:27

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I'm not the best informed on this but I've done a search and there don't seem to be any other threads.

As I understand it, the government (or its 'special administrator') is proposing shutting down the brand new A&E (including children's A&E) and the state of the art birthing centre (which requires an A&E on hand) at Lewisham Hospital because a completely separate NHS trust is in financial difficulty, so it is hoping to force more people to use Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich in order to make it profitable.

Quite apart from the fact that Woolwich is bloody miles away and I quite like having a local hospital even though I have thankfully not had occasion to use it, I can't get over the sheer injustice of the idea that my successful local hospital, which has just had £20m spent on getting its facilities up to scratch (not to mention getting into the final of Gareth Malone's workplace choir thing), could be penalised for the financial mismanagement of a completely separate trust. Surely either the National Health Service is national (in which case it should be administered centrally, without the ability for some trusts to get into financial difficulty), or it is not national, in which case the government shouldn't be able to raid the Lewisham NHS Trust to pay for the failings of the South London Trust.

I hear from a friend within the NHS that the closure of Lewisham's A&E and birthing units - which will have been done entirely without consultation - is pretty much a done deal unless there is a real outpouring of support. I marched with several thousand in the rain at the weekend and all our local MPs are on board, but it could still take more.

There is a petition available online if you look for it. I know it's not the done thing to link them on here.

Sorry for the essay. Hoping the Power of Mumsnet can be invoked here.

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