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speckledpig Wed 03-Oct-12 21:32:31

We have just bought a place in Lee and will be moving down there soon.
I have a 2 daughters who will be 1 and 3 this month.
So far I have not yet put the 3 year old in nursery as I knew we would be moving. I don't really know how it works when you move to a new area.
We have been living in N London for the past 2 years and it seems that you have to pay for extra hours to get a place to qualify for the 15 free hours.
My DD wouldn't qualify for this anyway until January but I am thinking it is going to be too late now even for next September.
Just wondered what your experiences had been down there and if it was a huge struggle getting them a place?
Also are there any mother and toddler groups that you could direct us to in the mean time?
I think our nearest school is the Brindishe school. Has anyone had/got their kids there and how is it?
So many questions, sorry, little nervous as we don't know anyone down there!
Thankyou smile

merryng Wed 10-Oct-12 14:46:58

Hi Speckledpig

Firstly, good choice, it's a great area and hopefully you'll love it. We've been here for a year and there's lots to do. I have two daughters as well, one will be three in January and the other will be one next month. We use a childminder who is fabulous but will be sending the eldest to nursery for her 15 hours next year. Many places round here are fine just to book the 15 hours, but it will depend a bit on how full the nursery is. The ones related to schools won't have space until next September as they seem to take them in school years if that makes sense.

I run music classes in Lee and Blackheath for babies and toddlers so please come along for a free trial to one of those and you could meet some other locals there ( I'd be happy to show you some of the local kid friendly places too!

ChocaMum Mon 15-Oct-12 21:48:22

Hi speckledpig,

We really like it here, loads of young families and activities for little ones. We bought a place in lee almost two years ago now and very happy here.
I have a dd who will be three in February and a ds who is 9 months. My dd goes to zoom nursery opposite hither green station and she loves it, a really fab nursery. There are quite a few decent nurseries around but there are also lots of young children in the area so they tend to have waiting lists, I would put your name down asap if you want a place.

The brindishe schools have a great reputation. Which one are you close to? Two of my mum friends are local primary school teachers and they always say how good the brindishe schools are.

I would recommend manor house gardens children's park and library, great family friendly place with a good cafe and easy to meet people there. Also this is a link to some local activities

Please say if you want to see a friendly face after your move! And good luck with the move! smile

toto86 Sat 23-Feb-13 00:45:30

thanks you choca mum i like ur post, because im a mum for tow little grils one she's gonna be 4 years old in 12 of next mounth, and other one she's 2 and half years old, my old one in the nursery (excellent centre) for 15 hours a week, and some time i take them to the manor house play groupe nad library or park is very friendly place .

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