Good GP for baby in SE4 or SE14?

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akak Sat 02-Jun-12 10:13:00

Hello, we have just moved to brockley/nunhead/telegraph hill area.
And we are looking for a good GP in the area.
I would be grateful if you could let me know if you know any. Our DS is 9months old and he has multiple allergy and eczema. So we will be asking GP for lots of prescriptions and sometimes complexed referrals.
So it's great if the GP is good, friendly and flexible.

Many thanks.

lindsell Sat 02-Jun-12 10:15:23

Not sure I'd recommend either of the gps I go to for that but have a look at the local blog brockley central as they have a page listing doctor recommendations - sorry I can't link I'm on my phone but google brockley central and you'll find it

akak Sun 03-Jun-12 09:10:24

Thank you very much for your post. Brockley central blog is great I will check it out regularly!

pippibluestocking Sun 03-Jun-12 09:13:03

Dr Singh, Waldron HC, used to be my GP before I moved, really good and very helpful staff at the HC. I am assuming that he is still there - did move 10years ago!

becsparkel Sun 03-Jun-12 20:37:48

I go to honour oak group practice, they are pretty good. Dr Neal is v good for most things baby related.

Welcome to the area btw!

sausagerolemodel Sun 03-Jun-12 20:40:51

The best GP ever ever ever in the world is Dr Henry Butler at the Queens Rd Practice. He is fab. Also has little kids himself so understands. Will always take as long as you need, never patronises, always listens. If I could clone him and repopulate primary health care with identibutlers I would.

sausagerolemodel Sun 03-Jun-12 20:46:57

Hello btw, you must be quite close to me....nunhead/telegraph hill..... Anything else that it would be helpful to know? BC is a good site.

Sharpkat Sun 03-Jun-12 20:51:03

I don't have DC but the Vesta Road surgery was always excellent IMO. Always easy to get an appointment. I saw Dr Aborkash or a Registrar, not Dr Berman.

Did not rate the New cross health centre at all.

Waldron Health centre has always seemed good as well.

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