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joshyoung83 Wed 03-Dec-14 11:54:52


Sorry, but I think Domestic Help London are no longer taking new clients. However we are using a cleaner fortnightly since 4 months (found her by accident trying different cleaning companies accross the area) and we are very happy with her service. We have recommended the company that sent her to one of our neighbours that needed a carpet cleaning. He was pleased with the results as his carpet was pretty old and couldn't be cleaned completely as there was some old and nasty stains, but after they cleaned it - it looked pretty nice (for its condition). Here is their phone number if you decide to give them a try: 02035196425.

Josh Young

Wales40 Thu 04-Sep-14 18:10:53


I realise this is an old thread but I just came across it when searching for a cleaner in the Blackheath area. I'm thinking of calling Domestic Help London, as my cleaner can no longer come to us. She's been coming to us for 8 years and I've never used an agency before. Is anyone currently using Domestic Help London? And would you still recommend them? Any comments would be really helpful :-)

Mettee Fri 09-May-14 19:04:15

Sorry, two years ago. Not last year.

AngelaS123 Mon 07-Apr-14 15:57:21

I am happy to recommend our family friendly LOCAL CLEANING business.
You can call us at 02088521861 or visit us ANY TIME at 15 Montpelier Vale, London SE30TA

MoppUK Mon 28-Oct-13 03:24:50

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OlympiaMama Tue 18-Jun-13 14:09:36

Mitka is my cleaner too and she is totally brilliant!! She is really trustworthy and reliable and always goes the extra mile to make sure that our family home is spotless. She is fantastic with our daughter who is nearly one. I feel so lucky to have found someone like Mitka and I can't recommend her agency enough.
Tel. 07738 535178

Zee83 Sun 16-Jun-13 18:28:43

I know this is an old thread but after seeing this I used the domestic help services and gave them your name Rebecca hope that's ok and you get a free clean

Whirliwig72 Wed 13-Jun-12 18:14:11

Wow used this company today for a spring clean and they are awesome! I can't recommend them highly enough. Was going to try and pass housework off as my own to dh but there is no way my husband would believe it was my handiwork - way too thorough! grin

Whirliwig72 Wed 13-Jun-12 08:12:16

Hi Becca - just to let you know I phoned mitka's son today on your recommendation to enquire about a one off spring clean. They seem fantastic and will hopefully get something sorted out for me later this week. Hope this entitles you to some kind of freebie. wink

marypren Sat 04-Feb-12 17:33:21

Thank you so much Rebecca for the recommendation. I will definitely give them a call and will of course pass on your name. Many thanks again smile

BeccaJB Sat 04-Feb-12 15:05:41

Hi there,
I can recommend our cleaner, Annie, who works for Domestic Help London - Cleaning Services. She is Bulgarian as too is Iliyan, who is the contact for customer service, but they both speak enough English for language not to be a problem.
Annie is pretty thorough, able to follow instructions, trustworthy and a sweet person; she is calm, quiet and unassuming - not a tornado like some!
Her boss, Mitka, used to work for us and she is as thorough as they come. I know they plan for Mitka to shadow all their cleaners from time to time to ensure quality.
Tel. 07738 535178
If you mention that I have referred you, they offer us both a free cleaning session! (I would not recommend them if I didn't genuinely want to promote them).
All the best,
Rebecca Blech

marypren Sat 04-Feb-12 14:09:42


Is anybody able to recommend an English speaking cleaner/cleaning company. I am looking for someone to do 4-5 hours per week incl. ironing and who is v. thorough! Any recommendations gratefully received smile

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