so shall we do it again?

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choufleur Wed 21-Jan-09 19:32:05

Meet up that is. It was nice at gokidsgo to meet people from here.

kiera Sun 25-Jan-09 18:12:25

that would be nice, I'd be up for it

cyteen Sun 25-Jan-09 18:14:16

i'm game hopefully WhereTheWildThingsWere will remember us this time! grin

Stretch Sun 25-Jan-09 19:02:03

Erm....! I won't be able to meet up for a while yet because I'm pregnant and get really sick! Sorry! But it was good meeting you all last time!!

Bet your little boy has grown Cyteen since we last saw him!! grin

choufleur Sun 25-Jan-09 19:04:25

oh how exciting stretch. when are you due?

daytime or evening better for people? if it's daytime i can only do mondays or weekends.

Stretch Sun 25-Jan-09 19:15:15

I'm due in Sept. grin Just in time for DD2 to start school!

choufleur Sun 25-Jan-09 19:51:59

well congratulations! hope you're feeling better soon and can make it to another meet up

cyteen Sun 25-Jan-09 20:04:51

Oh my goodness, another beautiful red haired baby on the way! Many congratulations Stretch grin Jeez, I can hardly cope with one.

DS has indeed grown since we met - he's quite the porker grin

I can still do pretty much whenever so will fit in with everyone else's plans

LoveBeingAMummy Sun 25-Jan-09 20:59:18

Congratulations stretch!!!!!!

Would love to come however have started work again now sad, will come back and see when it is just in case I ahve that day off.

Tigerschick Mon 26-Jan-09 08:01:31

Congratulations Stretch! Hope you're soon through the sickness.

I'm up for another meet-up. I'm easy as to days ... don't mind weekends or evenings but would need more notice than if we went for a week day.

Hope everyone is well smile

firstontheway Mon 26-Jan-09 13:33:31

Hi everyone!
Have only just noticed that mumsnet local exists after however long on the main boards!
I'm due my first baby in March, so please can I come to a meet up after that?! grin
I moved here 8 months or so ago from Watford so it'd be good to meet people up here.

Stretch Mon 26-Jan-09 14:44:49

Thank you!! grin

Firstontheway - Welcome! Where abouts in Leicester are you? I'm sure people won't mind you meeting up before you have your baby!! smile

choufleur Mon 26-Jan-09 16:19:47

welcome firstontheway - course you're welcome even if it's before the baby comes.

so any preferences to dates?

firstontheway Mon 26-Jan-09 17:17:13

I'm in Stoneygate, LE2
Have just finished work this week and am already sitting around mind numbingly bored (I know, I know I should really be enjoying while it lasts, eh?!)

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 28-Jan-09 06:51:53

welcome firstontheway!!!!

Know what you mean about being bored. I arranged something for everyday of my first three weeks off so that didn't happen - even visted the dentist LOL.

cyteen Wed 28-Jan-09 09:39:39

all i can say is, relish that boredom cos you'll miss it once the baby arrives wink

choufleur Wed 28-Jan-09 14:57:47

so shall we do an evening?

Tigerschick Thu 29-Jan-09 07:57:05

I'm happy to do an evening - nothing too posh tho!
Any night would be OK tho would prefer to avoid Thursday and Fridays if at all possible - DD is at nursery all day on a Friday and can be a bit of a minx to get to bed as a result and DH is such a soft touch he'd let her stay up until I got home hmmgrin

TheProvincialLady Sun 01-Feb-09 12:27:37

Can I come to a meetup too? Choufleur and tigerschick you might remember me from a meet in Abbey Park..would be nice to see you again. I have another baby now and DS1 is two.

Firstontheway I am in Clarendon Park and have a 6 week old you can babysit.

Tigerschick Sun 01-Feb-09 12:36:24

Hi TPL - gosh that meet-up in Abbey Park seems so long ago! It would be great to see you again. What kind of get-together would you prefer?

TheProvincialLady Sun 01-Feb-09 19:19:51

Well I can't do evenings at the moment because of the newness of my DS2 (I go to bed at 8.30!) but I am free during the day pretty much anytime. If you are all going to meet in the evening this time that's fine though, I'll do the next daytime one.

I've just remembered, I used to be NineUnlikelyTales when we met at Abbey Park.

choufleur Mon 02-Feb-09 18:53:03

congratulations theprovinciallady! how old is DS 2?

TheProvincialLady Mon 02-Feb-09 18:59:37

Thanks choufleur - he is 6 weeks old. He's a very easy baby so far but I am too old struggling with the many night time nappy changes!

choufleur Mon 02-Feb-09 19:22:32

hopefully the awful 3/4 hour feeds/changes won't last too long.

TheProvincialLady Mon 02-Feb-09 19:26:59

I don't mind the night feeds - last night he did 5 hours and I co sleep so lie down and sleep through it anyway. But getting up just to change a one inch poo is a bit galling ~(sorry TMI!)

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