Need a really excellent nursery in Leicester (south/west ideally)

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AmyandIsabelle Mon 04-Aug-08 12:24:55

Hi there, my dd age 19 months is desperate for lots of other kids to play with so we're looking for nursery recommendations around Leicester. We're based in LE3 south west Leicester but I drive and don't work so I can easily travel. We have been to look at a few local nurseries and were less than impressed. I first tried Sunflowers next to Braunstone leisure centre and their 'baby' room was practically unsupervised for most of the time and my daughter was left to run off and smack a tiny baby!!! I felt so unbelievably guilty and scared for both their safety I'd never take her back. Maybe I'm being fussy but I want something more than just 'babysitting' she'd really benefit from a bit of pre-school learning (yes I know she's 19 months). She's extremely intelligent and social, I'm not suggesting formal lessons but learning to play with water, sand, music, games, that kinda thing surely should be appropriate? It's what she's used to at home!

I guess part of the problem is she's not a 'baby' anymore but many nurseries won't let her join in with the toddlers from what I understand.

Has anyone tried Montessori in Leicester?

lindseyfox Tue 05-Aug-08 17:05:50

hello I have heard the leapfrog nursery is great thats at meridian business park.

also isnt there a local sure start in braunstone they would have a nursery i think.

I am in LE3 in thorpe astley.

I am not a mum, I am a childrens nurse and do local babysitting and weekend nannying ad-hoc in the area

star9 Sat 07-Feb-09 16:48:24

My little boy goes to St Georges in Aylestone which is has montessori teachers and we're very happy with it. The staff are lovely and he does lots of different stuff. They have other branches too - just google them.

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