Anyone got a car seat I can borrow for weekend?

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karinkarin Wed 26-Sep-07 21:47:17

Hello I'm travelling up to Leicester (Wigston) on October 5th weekend. I really want to travel by train but will need to use my parents car when i get there.

I know it's long shot but does anyone have spare car seat that I could borrow for my 22 mth old weighing 28lbs.

It goes without saying i woud look after it.

Many thanks for any inof/help anyone is able to offer


KathH Wed 26-Sep-07 22:27:55

Ha - I'm in Wigston so you can borrow ds2's if you're stuck - as long as you promise to look after it really carefully grin - well, as long as your lo doesnt mind ds2's crumbs etc

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